Monday, August 21, 2017

"New" 70s and 80s TV Shows

In recent weeks, we looked at DVD releases, but believe it or not, IIIIII'M WALKING ON AIR...the airwaves, that is. Some "new" and returning favorites are on their way back to TV. Here's a look at what's coming to a cable box/antenna/Roku/unspecified device near you:

*Warner Archive Instant added the rest of Eight Is Enough, meaning the entire series is available for your streaming pleasure.

*Antenna TV announced Welcome Back Kotter will be returning in the future, but this summer, it is re-adding Evening Shade and One Day at a Time while giving 227  and What's Happening!!  a break and bumping a bunch of other series around.

*CW Seed, an under-the-rader but free streaming service, now offers the complete Dynasty.

*GetTV added Designing Women to its weekday lineup in June.

*TV One re-added The Cosby Show. I hope it was on clearance.

*Me-TV added The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Rhoda earlier, plus introduced Battlestar GalacticaALF, Love American Style, and (on the edge of our era) Swamp Thing. Today it adds T.J. Hooker, The Facts of Life, Cannon, and Hawaii Five-O. Also, Remington Steele came and went this summer.

Don't get used to Rhoda nor Love, as they leave Labor Day. Happy Days will be returning, though.

*Me-TV dropped The Incredible Hulk, but it is on cable's El Rey and on digital subchannel Heroes and Icons. H&I is loaded with BOTNS-era programs like CHIPS, Police Story, Hill Street Blues, Kung Fu, Hunter, Swamp Thing (it's a sister network of Me-TV), Wiseguy, and The Greatest American Hero.

*Hulu is adding tons of episodes of old Fox (the studio/library, not the network) like the MTM Studios efforts (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Bob Newhart Show, and more), but it's unclear when that will happen.

 *PRO Classic TV (Peter Rodgers Organization) launched a YouTube channel a few months ago that includes shows like the old The Bill Cosby Show, Celebrity Bowling, The Comedy Shop, and Movin' On.

I am sure I am missing a ton of changes, but this should be enough to tide you over for a while. As always, let us know if you want us to talk about any of these series on the podcast in our upcoming season 3 or beyond!

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