Friday, December 29, 2017

Show Notes: Episode 3-11: Medical Center "Demi-God"

*"Demi-God," the second episode of season 6 of Medical Center, premiered September 16, 1974, on the CBS television network, airing against What Happened to Helen? on NBC and the Bills playing the Raiders on the season premiere of Monday Night Football.

*Medical Center aired 1969-1976, peaking as the #8 prime time show in its second season. The complete run is on DVD and streaming through Warner Archive.

*The People article Rick mentions is right here. McKenna tanked on ABC in the 1994 season; only 5 of 13 episodes aired. Jennifer Love Hewitt co-starred with Chad Everett.

*Marcus Welby, M.D. with Robert Young (ABC) also aired 7 seasons (1969-1976) and 169 episodes (to Medical Center's 171).

*Marjoe Gortner started preaching at 4. He was in his mid-20s when Marjoe was filmed; that documentary won an Oscar after premiering in 1972. His acting debut came in the pilot movie for what became Kojak.

*Meredith Baxter, who of course appeared in our first season as Elyse Keaton, was 27 when this aired and had starred in Bridget Loves Bernie. She went on to be a regular on Family in 1976, but first she returned in the final season of Medical Center as a different character than the one she plays in "Demi-God."

*IMDB lists no other Marjoes, but there is a producer named Marjoes Corsten.

*TV historian Stephen Bowie's excellent article on the Stanley Milgram/Medical Center connection is right here.

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