Monday, August 13, 2018

Great Moments in 70s and 80s TV History: Joe Frazier on "Hee Haw"

I didn't think anything could top Johnny Bench covering Jim Croce in the cornfield, but if there's one thing I know after years of watching television it's the folly of underestimating Hee Haw. In 1979, Roy Clark, Buck Owens, and the whole gang welcomed former heavyweight boxing world champ Smokin' Joe Frazier to enjoy the scenery, tell jokes, and of course play some music.

I mean, how could you have Joe Frazier and not do a number or two with him, right?

They do a few songs, but the highlight is Six Days on the Road. One thing I notice about this episode is that Joe seems to be having the time of his life. It may look incongruous to have the champ appear on this syndicated cornpone variety show, but Frazier himself is totally game and right at home.


Frazier didn't want to be "just" a pugilist; he actually recorded and toured with a band called Joe Frazier and the Knockouts and even made an appearance on the Jerry Lewis Telethon:

I think I prefer the performance on Hee Haw, which is a legitimately good number...though, I must admit, not really for Frazier as much as for his partners:

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