Friday, January 4, 2019

Show Notes: Episode 5-12: Saturday Night Live

*Ray Charles hosted the fifth third-season episode of SNL on Saturday, November 12, 1977, at 11:30 EST.

*The original cast lasted 5 seasons, more or less (there were changes along the way).

*The New Show aired January-March 1984 on NBC and bombed.

*Other SNL episodes we mention:

Milton Berle: Season 4 Episode 17
Broderick Crawford: Season 2 Episode 16
Richard Pryor: Season 1 Episode 7

*A Star Trek revival was planned in 1975, and though it didn't happen, the premise of the pilot was later reworked into Star Trek the Motion Picture. The show was going to anchor a proposed Paramount Television Network that never happened.

*The "What the Hell Is That?" sketch with Bill Murray and guest Steve Martin aired on the season 5 premiere October 13, 1979 with Martin as guest host. You can see it in very un-pristine form in our YouTube playlist this week.

*The Doug Hill and Jeff Weingrad book on the show is Saturday Night: A Backstage History of Saturday Night Live. It's one of my favorite TV books, and while the Tom Shales/Jim Miller oral history is now more famous, the 1986 book is much deeper, partly owing to its ability to focus on the early years instead of decades of the series. It's a must-read for any fan of the show.

*The most successful SNL movie adaptation in terms of box office = Wayne's World (183 million bucks). The lowest is It's Pat, with...60-something-thousand dollars? Is that right? I mean, I didn't think it did well, but...

Wikipedia says it opened in 3 theaters and was pulled after its opening weekend. Wow!

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