Sunday, April 28, 2024

Top Ten #299: Special "Next one is 300!" Edition

1) Cher: Announced this week as a new inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, surely riding the wave of her Season 11 appearance on the podcast. While she has said she never wanted to join the Hall, I am sure she would have loved a Batty.

2) National Superhero Day: It is, believe it or not!

(You can hear our discussion about that episode here.)

3) Delta Burke: Entertainment Weekly offers this juicy summary of what it calls a "rare interview" Burke did on the Glamorous Trash podcast. She talks about using meth to control her weight, discusses issues with the Thomasons, and accuses the Clintons of running an off-the-books operation to get Major Dad canceled (Just kidding about that one).

4) David Susskind Show: 50 years ago this weekend, the topic: "We Still Love Richard Nixon." People ever loved Nixon? 

5) Jay Leno: Happy 74th to the stand-up comedian also known for his Good Times appearance.

6) Andy Warhol's TV: 40 years ago tonight, Warhol welcomed guests Brooke Shields, Keith Haring, and others on this episode that aired on Madison Square Garden network.

7) Double albums: Taylor Swift made her new album in essence a surprise double last week with an unexpected extra release. I remember the days when a surprise launch was seeing a K-Tel commercial come on during a Three's Company rerun.

8) Mindy Cohn: The Facts of Life star, now promoting Palm Royale, checks out a 1983 TV Guide profile in this video:

9) The Princess and the Pea: 40 years ago tonight, Showtime aired this episode of Fairie Tale Theater with Liza Minnelli, Tom Conti, Beatrice Straight, and Tim Kazurinsky:

10) R.I.P. Terry Carter:

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