Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Inside the Guide: TV Guide 50 years ago (June 29-July 5, 1974 Part 4)

The theme of the day for Tuesday, July 2, 1974, as we continue our look at the TV Guide from 50 years ago today is "judge." How judgy can shows be? How judgy can TV Guide be?

First, let's look at The New Zoo Revue at 9:00:

Well, maybe I LIKE being lazy! This episode is getting a little too preachy for my taste. I'll relax NOW if I feel like it, Doug and Emmy Jo!

Later on, it's the magazine itself that seems to get all judgmental in this summary of tonight's Maude rerun. 

Who wrote this, Arthur Harmon? Jeez!

Finally, a serious-minded program on NBC...that the network puts on at 10pm in the summer, of course:

There isn't a lot else going on on this Tuesday. There are short-lived programs like Tenafly and Doc Elliott. Let me go back to the daytime period, though, and since it's a slow day, I will cheat and show you two listings from 50 years ago yesterday.

NBC premiered two games shows this week: Winning Streak with Bill Cullen and High Rollers with Alex Trebek and Ruta Lee. The latter stuck around and saw a few remakes, but the former lasted a mere 6 months and is considered a lost show, but at least one episode survives:

The network canceled the show, which aired its final episode January 3, 1975. The following Monday, a new show took its place: Wheel of Fortune.

I could have just told you about this, but I had to show you the listings because you have to enjoy the thrill of seeing that boldfaced word in the mag: Debut.

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