Thursday, February 22, 2018

Batty Awards Season 3 Aftermath: Controversies, Snubs, and More

After 3 seasons of Battle of the Network Shows, controversy is as dependable a post-Batty tradition as the infamous random number generator and excessive praise of Wonder Woman-era Lynda Carter. The goal of the awards is to celebrate the best and brightest covered during the podcast, but despite the efforts to emphasize positivity, some see things in a more negative light.

I investigated some of the rumors surrounding the discussion and also took a step back to examine some of the notable "snubs" perpetrated by the co-hosts, who determined the award winners; and the blue ribbon panel, which determined the nominees. I like to think that the fact that one of those co-hosts is the one doing the investigating is just part of the Batty charm.

Today let's look at the so-called "snubs" the nominating committee inflicted on some of the stars of Season 3. First, let me say that the panel has a thankless job each season, and of course it's a BLUE RIBBON panel, which is prima facie evidence of its credibility. Some observers raised a few eyebrows this time out, though, after seeing the nominees.

There is discussion that the committee underserves women and minorities each year, but I think such criticism overlooks the basic fact of the time period and specific shows covered. One thing I do wonder, though: Does the Batty Awards have a youth problem? The Outstanding Peformance by a Youth category is one of the traditional favorites, but superstar Ricky Schroeder has lost twice in a row and, perhaps more important, where are the youths in the other categories? Adam Rich and OY winner Meeno Peluce were conspicuous by their absence in the Outstanding Head of Hair category despite being praised for their follicles during the show. And Mike and Rick (OK, Mike and ME) admit that Voyagers is built around Peluce, yet who is nominated for Outstanding Male Performance? The much older Jon-Erik Hexum. I mean, that guy was in his twenties. There may be some reverse ageism at work in the process.

In fact, Gleek, the beloved monkey pet of the Wonder Twins, was agitated on the Batty Awards' host cruise ship, reportedly due to being left out of the Outstanding Non-Human category AND the Outstanding Youth category. Granted, no one is really sure how old Gleek is, but based on his behavior, you can kind of assume he's pretty childish. I'm hesitant to report this, but several credible sources report seeing Gleek fling an indertimante substance overboard in a fit of anger during the ceremony. I won't name the substance, but the word "fling" isn't used with a lot of different materials.

Friends of the late Bobby "the Brain" Heenan criticized his exclusion from the Biggest Heel category, noting he is often called one of the best heels in professional wrestling history. I feel this is overblown considering the specific episode discussed on the podcast, one in which Heenan's management of the likes of Big John Studd paled in comparison to Jesse Ventura comparing a wedding kiss to two carp fighting over a piece of corn.

Relatives of two-time nominee "Harmon" from Medical Center expressed delight that the man was recognized...and dismay that his actual name wasn't used. I can rectify that rare oversight by the Blue Ribbon panel here. The actor who plays Harmon

We promise to find that information and print it in a future post.

Some may find it curious that Love Boat, despite the palpable affection for it during the ceremony, received no individual acting awards (though Ted Lange as Isaac did quite well).  Batty experts believe the high wattage of guest stars like Vicki Lawrence and Scatman Carothers tends to overshadow even the likes of Bernie Kopell.

We will continue to explore the scuttlebutt surrounding the Battys and report in future posts. Feel free to share your own outrage in the comments.

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