Friday, May 11, 2018

Show Notes: Episode 4-1: Captain America TV Movies

*We focus on the second of the two TV movies in this episode, but the first premiered on CBS on January 19, 1979, airing 8:00--10:00 P.M. against Donny & Marie and the movie A last Cry for Help (ABC) and Diff'rent Strokes, Joe and Valerie, and The Rockford Files (NBC).

The sequel, subtitled Death Too Soon debuted Friday, November 23, 1979 and Saturday, November 24, airing as a two-part event at 8:00 P.M. each night.  Notably, Fridays at 8:00 was the regular timeslot of The Incredible Hulk on CBS.

*The Cap movies came on the heels of a Dr. Strange movie that aired in 1978 as a possible pilot for a series (a la The Amazing Spider-Man and the Hulk show). The good Doc was clobbered by Roots and never made it to series. Nor did Cap, though it's unclear why they considered it good enough for a sequel but not to commit to a series.

*Reb Brown carried 2 times for 5 years on the 1967 USC Trojans' Rose-Bowl-winning football team.

*Comic legends Joe Simon and Jack Kirby created Captain America, who debuted in 1941.

*Reed Richards AKA Mister Fantastic developed "unstable molecules" in the Marvel Universe. They have made up many of the costumes in the MU over the years.

*Connie Sellecca appeared in The Bermuda Depths and short-lived TV stewardess show Flying High before starring in Death Too Soon. She went on to appear in The Greatest American Hero and Hotel.

*Former Entertainment Tonight co-host John Tesh married Sellecca in 1992. Tesh composed the classic NBA on NBC theme song and currently hosts a successful syndicated radio program but has yet to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

*Stanley Kamel was a mobster on 90210 and also had a recurring rule on Monk before dying of a heart attack at 65.

*If you'd like to hear our Voyagers episode and more on William Lucking, click here!

*Christopher Lee was 57 when Death Too Soon premiered.

*Bellville, Oregon, does not have a beach. This isn't surprising when you consider that, according to our research, it doesn't exist in real life.

*Rod Holcomb is a prolific TV director. His Blind Justice is a TV movie with Tim Matheson, though, not the Ron Eldard series of the same name that came up in our Steven Bochco bonus episode!

*Kenneth Johnson created V and The Bionic Woman in addition to shepherding the development of The Incredible Hulk.

*The Secret Empire storyline Mike refers to was written by Steve Engelheart and appeared in Captain America comics in 1973.

*The 1990 Captain America movie started as a Cannon Films production, was snagged by one of that company's founders in the wake of the company's dissolution, and sat on the shelf for a couple years before getting a direct-to-video release.

*Check out our YouTube playlist for this episode!

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