Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Season 11 Battys by the Numbers

Here is a summary of  the 11th Battys by the number of awards won per show:

Dallas: 5
Night Court: 3
The Littlest Hobo: 3
227: 3 (including the Genius Award)
The Rifleman: 2
Sonny and Cher:1
Dennis the Menace: 1
Starsky and Hutch: 1
ABC's Star-Spangled Celebration: 1
Entertainment Tonight: 1
Hart to Hart: 0
Exo-Man: 0
(Does not include special listener award for First Camera for the 1983 NBC episode)

So is Dallas the big winner by virtue of taking the most Battys? Or is it Night Court, which won several itself but also (it can be argued) the biggest one (Best Show)?

A few more miscellaneous numbers of note:

Shows pulled from Amazon Prime after we had booked them for our schedule: 3 (227, Hart to Hart, Starsky and Hutch)

(Clearing up something that came up on the podcast) Battys won by Burt Reynolds before the Season 11 awards: 1. In Season 2, His Burtness guested on The Golden Girls and lost for Best Facial Hair to Tom Selleck.

Number of times an imperious J.R. made vague threats about foreclosing on us before realizing that we were doing the show at his ranch: 1

Approximate percentage of times I see Lucas McCain glare towards the camera in The Rifleman opening and temporarily worry that Chuck Connors is mad at me: 60

Number of appearances by Radar in "Bless You Hawkeye" 0 (We had some confusion about this on the Battys)

Number of bailiffs we lost during this season: 0

Number of times special Batty winner NBC's First Camera finished in last place in the ratings in its first 5 weeks on the air: 5

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