Sunday, January 14, 2024

Top Ten #284: Special Pre-MLK Day Edition!

1) Marjo Gortner: Happy 80th birthday to Genius Award recipient Marjoe!

2) The Emmys: The second-biggest night in TV awards is tomorrow. It's all well and good--the Battys are not in competition with anyone--but just consider this: They never gave Marjoe Gortner an Emmy.

3) The Match Game: Tubi added an assortment of 1977 episodes (distinct from the ones on Freevee) of the classic game show to its streaming offerings. This news makes me feel BLANK.

4) Weekend with the Stars Telethon: 40 years ago tonight, stars like John Ritter and Henry Winkler came gathered on a live telecast to raise money for cerebral palsy. Note that some sources I have seen--OK, IMDB--claim this happened January 21, but I am looking at TV listings that say otherwise.

Well, remember this if I forget and put this same event in next week's Top Ten.

Here's a promo from a different year of the event:

5) Happy Days: Speaking of Winkler, Catchy Comedy celebrates the show with a marathon this weekend to honor its 50th anniversary. Meanwhile, Antenna TV has a marathon of The Jeffersons to commemorate its, uh, 49th anniversary. I blame that FOOL Willis for not knowing how to read a calendar.

6) Jason Bateman: Just to make us all feel old, happy 55th birthday, Jason! I guess this does give me an excuse to remind everyone that this series exists:

7) From Russia with Love: 50 years ago tonight, the second Connery Bond film made its TV debut on ABC. Here's a promo from a later broadcast (ABC did tend to recycle the Bonds!):

8) Fantasy Island: One of several high-profile series debuting on this date, Fantasy Island premiered January 14, 1977 on ABC. Unfortunately, even Roarke couldn't keep it on streaming, and it's been MIA ever since it left Tubi last year.

9) Killdozer: The Decades of Horror podcast talked about the TV movie recently, and while I like this show, they didn't really focus on it very much (I think the guy driving the discussion had little interest in talking about it). I humbly suggest you check out our effort if you really enjoy the movie.

10) R.I.P. Bill Hayes, Joyce Randolph: Shout-out to hayes, who played Doug Williams on Days of Our Lives for many years. I want to give a special salute to Randolph, the last surviving castmember of my favorite TV show of all time, The Honeymooners.

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