Tuesday, December 27, 2016

TV Guide Game Ephemera: Holiday Special Edition

Some images from the December 8-14, 1979, edition of TV Guide that we used in the "TV Guide Game" for our "Holiday Special."

A couple of Christmas hams!
We kid, Charlotte. We love ya!
"How can I compete against all of those people?
They even have a giant Santa!"

And now a few other holiday-themed ads and random curiosities.

Yogi, Scooby, and Fred with Pat Boone?!
Good thing this aired an hour before
that Christmas murder movie.

A couple cell-animated Rankin-Bass classics (labeled such by CBS).
A Close Up for this "amusing animated fantasy" from Rankin-Bass.
I love the "([Paul] Frees again)" credit.
What's Christmas without Hope,
and apparently, what's a Christmas
special without Adam Rich?!
If Art Carney says he likes Mel's infamous chili,
I call Blarney Kilakilarney on it.

More drawings of talk show hosts.
Not sure, but I think Dick Cavett won.

Eight tracks, people.
Eight tracks.


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