Monday, May 8, 2017

Photo Parade: NBC Saturday Morning Preview Revue (1974)

For our Run Joe Run YouTube play list, Rick found a clip of the NBC Saturday Morning Preview Revue from 1974, starring Jimmy Osmond (the youngest Osmond), a bunch of Sid and Marty Krofft puppets and characters, and a certain brown and black German shepherd. As per usual, the Kroffts created something equal parts gaudy, loud, and creepy. You should watch the whole play list, but if you're short on time, I've embedded the video below, and if you're even shorter on time, I've posted a bunch of screen grabs to pique your interest (or warn you far, far away). Shows previewed include Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch, Run Joe Run, Land of the Lost, Emergency +4 (an animated Emergency that included a team of 4 kids helping out), Go! (a live action show introduced by...the dudes from Emergency)*, Star Trek: The Animated Series, and Sigmund and the Sea Monsters.

*This preview mentions a segment where Jon Voight will tell kids about kayaking on whitewater. I can't help imagining his introduction. "Hey, kids. In my movie Deliverance, you might have seen me canoeing on whitewater and getting into some real jams. Now I want to tell you about the real-world fun and risks of kayaking on the rapids."

Petey the Peacock tries to pass himself off as the NBC Peacock
and steal the show with his shrill vocal stylings. He gets the hook
immediately but somehow ends up in almost every number.
Creepy puppets part one.
Creepy puppets part two, slightly inappropriate puppets part one.

Jimmy Osmond sings and dances with the creepy puppets.
We need to get one of these for our show.

Look who's in the audience--Joe (Heinrich of Midvale)!
Joe (Heinrich of Midvale) puts up with Petey.
Petey wears Jimmy down and gets to do a number
with Dina Dinosaur. "Ain't she sweet?"

Johnny Whitaker and all the Ooze family (plus Petey natch)
from Sigmund and the Sea Monsters perform a number.
The Sigmund preview promises the debut of Rip Taylor's
Sheldon the Sea Genie.
Creepy puppets part three. Cooooool.
Jimmy "The Prince" Osmond with creepy puppets part--I lost count.
Creepy, etc. The Electric Mushroom.
So much happening here, making so little sense
(those yellow things are like giant mop heads with lips).
"Down in front!"
Seriously, how can that poor girl see anything?
Creepy puppets part whatever, slightly inappropriate puppets part two.
Because things weren't creepy enough--
bring in the clowns!
The commercials in the clip include this one, where this kid
talks very sensibly to mothers about the economic and health
benefits of Kool-Aid for the whole family.

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