Tuesday, July 17, 2018

David Letterman beat us to our Knight Rider episode by about 30 years!

Recently, while enjoying a video history of the David Letterman vs. Terry Forster feud (with a skirmish between Dave and Good Morning America host David Hartman thrown in for good measure), I saw this bit: Letterman at the desk reading copy from NBC PR. It's touting not just any episode of Knight Rider--Dave would be excited enough about that--but the same episode we covered on the podcast in season 3.

Click the embedded video below to see Letterman's early thoughts on the upcoming episode. Perhaps we should have consulted him for the season 3 Battys!

"We're taking another important step tonight in the wrong direction."

I think the look he gives the camera at 21:28 says it all, but I also think we give the series a bit more reverence than he does.

Special thanks to the great Don Giller for making this material available on his channel!

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