Friday, July 13, 2018

Show Notes: Episode 4-10: Late Night With David Letterman

*Late Night with David Letterman aired on NBC at 12:30-12:35 from February 1982 to June 1993.  it aired Monday through Thursday until Summer 1987, when it added a Friday airing (which a young me appreciated) and went to reruns most Mondays. This airing bumped Friday Night Videos to 1:30.

*Camping with Barry White sprang from a monologue joke in December 1982 but aired as the May 24, 1983 episode. Check our YouTube playlist for the video!

*This episode likely aired against news programming on ABC stations and, in the CBS Late Movie slot, a combo of reruns of Quincy and McMillan and Wife.

*The biography Mike mentions is Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night by Jason Zinoman.

*Hal Gurnee not only directed hundreds of episodes of David Letterman's show, but he also directed The Tonight Show in the Jack Paar era and, as Wikipedia reports, The Man Show.

*Merrill Markoe was the head writer of the show for years and has written novels, essays, and screenplays. She and Letterman were a couple for years.

*Barry White was running his own label, Unlimited Gold, at this time but was just past his peak as a recording artist. There's reason to believe he was at his peak as a camper, though.

*Class (1983) opened in July to weak reviews in fourth place in the box office, trailing Return of the Jedi, Staying Alive, and--debuting at #1--Jaws 3-D.

*Bobcat Goldthwait making h TV debut here, was two days shy of 21 when this aired.

*The 4-star Milford Plaza Hotel on Eighth Avenue in New York City is now "Row NYC Hotel," which saddens me.

*Here's a look at Dave's appearance in Marvel Comics' The Avengers #234 in 1984. I still think he looks more like Ted Koppel on Al Milgrom's cover.

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