Sunday, September 22, 2019

BOTNS Top Ten #34

1) George Owens: After a terrible week for Pittsburgh sports that included the arrest of the Pirates' best player and the season-ending surgery of the Steelers' best player, it's time to celebrate one of the finest figures in the city's sports universe. So what if he got involved in a little extralegal gambling?

2) Hill Street Blues: Hey, the Emmy awards are presented tonight, so let's give props to one of the handful of programs to win 4 Outstanding Drama Series trophies, along with Mad Men, The West Wing, and L.A. Law. Of course Hill Street has it all over the others by virtue of its 3 Battys.

3) Batman: DC Comics celebrated International Batman Day this weekend. You know, I am not saying I am one of them, but I be many kids who grew up in the BOTNS era considered Olan Soule the definitive Caped Crusader.

4) Another Day: Because...what the heck is this?

5) Dallas: Hey, if you missed the DVDs from Warner Brothers, you can now get the first 4 seasons from Time Life Video...for an outrageously high price. I guess J.R. would approve!

6) Ann B. Davis: As A Very Brady Renovation continues on HGTV, the surviving cast members miss Alice more than ever...because they could make her do all the work just like on the original show.

7) The NBC peacock: On the one hand, the iconic mascot is a connection to the rich history of the National Broadcasting Company. On the other hand, the decision to name the new Universal/NBC streamer "Peacock" is a decision that rivals anything Fred Silverman did at the network for sheer silliness.

8) John Houseman: The late actor was born on this date in 1902. I'd love to talk about The Paper Chase on the podcast someday, but for now:

9) Mannix: This weekend Decades is marathoning everyone's favorite detective and concussion recipient, Joe Mannix!

10) Ric Ocasek: R.I.P. I could be wrong, but I believe about 60% of all sports and wrestling program used at least one Cars song, often Tonight She Comes, as bumper music.

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