Thursday, October 24, 2019

Batty Awards Season 6 In Memoriam Video Playlist

As a tribute to the many notable personalities we mentioned in our In Memoriam segment on this year's Battys, we put together the following YouTube playlist spotlighting some of their work. Click below to see (almost) all of the names listed below as read on the podcast. You'll also see Harrison Ford, Lucille Ball, David Letterman, wookies, Wonder Woman, the Heat Miser (!), and many more!

*Kristoff St. John

*Jan-Michael Vincent

*Morgan Woodward

*Katherine Helmond

*King Kong Bundy

*Sid Sheinberg

*Maury Laws

*Peter Mayhew

*Jim Bouton

*Peggy Lipton

*Doris Day

*Tim Conway

*Max Wright

*Arte Johnson

*Harley Race

*Jack Whitaker

*Valerie Harper

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