Monday, October 21, 2019

BOTNS Top Ten #38 (Post-Battys Edition!)

1) Cheers: No surprise that the series tore through the back half of the Battys, considering it's one of our favorite shows. It's good to recognize it every now and then, though, because some people may not appreciate anything made in the twentieth century.

2) The Doobie Brothers: Last week they received one of the most prestigious honors a performer in their field can get...and they also were nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

3) Ed Flanders: Stupid Flanders. Everyone always thinks HE'S so great with his dumb mustache and his--Oh, ED Flanders! Yes! Congratulations to this season's Genius Award winner.

4) Shelley Long: Edged our Cybill Shepherd for Outstanding Female Performer, and if you think Cybill had a tantrum, shame on you for perpetuating that dated stereotype that successful, talented women are hypercompetitive and "difficult" and can't appreciate each other's acclaim.

No, Shepherd was just glad Christine Baranski didn't win it.

5) Ted Danson: Seriously, is it time to just name Ted Danson Emperor?

6) Alan Thicke: The Thickening of Battle of the Network Shows continues in 2019 with his wonderful exasperation, and because I need to get some video in this post, here it is again:

7) Moonlighting: The theme song lost a valiant battle against Cheers but put up a good fight, much like the knock-down drag-out battles between Cybill Shepherd and--hey, wait, you almost got me again.

8) Gary Deeb: Perhaps no other season 6 individual captured hearts and imaginations like former media critic Gary Deeb. Here's MY criticism of the media: Why isn't there more archival footage of Gary Deeb critiquing stuff?

9) Solomon Grundy: Has anyone ever explored a possible link between Grundy and fellow Batty nominee Cocaine? I'm not saying, but I'm just saying. The paranoia, the irritability, the general edginess, the pallor...

10) Bob Uecker: I can only speak for myself, but of all the people who didn't win (let's say that instead of losers to pay tribute to Ned Flanders), the one I most wish I could give an award to is Bob Uecker. Rest assured we put him in the front row inside the snow globe.

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