Sunday, February 6, 2022

Top Ten #163

1) Prime Video: It announced an upcoming price hike, which I'm sure means it will make all the IMDB-TV content it has available without ads to people who PAY for the Prime service, right? Right?

2) David Letterman: An official YouTube channel with tons of clips from the NBC and CBS runs premiered this week. A grateful nation rejoices...yet still crosses its fingers that Don Giller's channel with the full episodes will survive.

3) New shows on streaming in February: Gimme a Break!, Quark, and One in a Million are the standouts, showing up on Tubi, Crackle, and Crackle, respectively.

4) Dolly Parton: Congratulations to the icon for making the nominee class of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and for being named host of the upcoming ACM Awards. At some point Dolly went from go-to joke reference to national treasure.

5) Black History Month: How many times do I have to tell everyone: Know your Shirley Hemphill, America!

6) National Frozen Yogurt Day: Enjoy a cold one and tell 'em BOTNS sent you!

7) Megan Gallagher: Happy birthday to the former China Beach star, who also appeared in Slap Maxwell:

8) Pat Summerall: While we're all thinking about football this time of year, let's give some love for John Madden's partner, who had his own NFL backlground, his own iconic broadcasting career, and his own hardware store to shill:

9) Winter Olympics: Hey, they started! I haven't been as ignorant about the events and competitors in an Olympics since...the Summer Olympics last year. It just ain't what it used to be.

10) Howard Hesseman. R.I.P: Decades will honor him with a WKRP marathon today. I have no problem with that, but wouldn't it be cool if someone was a bit more adventurous and showed something like this:

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