Sunday, February 27, 2022

Top Ten #166

1) One of the Boys: The noble YouTube uploader who gave us the 1982 Mickey Rooney/Dana Carvey/Nathan Lane sitcom a few weeks ago has been struck down by--corporate haters? Bots? The Scatman Crothers estate? Who knows? It may have been something else the account had posted that caused external forces to interrupt our critical reappraisal of the show.

All I know is life is a little less joyous without all of this:

2) ALF: Shout Factory announced it purchased worldwide multimedia rights to the character and the entire ALF-brary, hinting that it would eventually rectify the home media situation in which only syndicated edits exist on official DVD. One person said this was the event ALF fans had been waiting for. You know who's not thrilled by this news? Cats.

3) Stefanie Powers: ME-TV ran an article this week saying that the Eighties positioned her "as the most interesting woman in the world." Then it quoted a 1960s article and a few other sources talking about things she may or may not have actually done and failed to make much of a case for her ever being the most interesting woman in the world.

You be the judge by reading it here!

4) Jennifer Slept Here: Geno in our Facebook group reported an enjoyable and surprisingly meaningful through the short-lived sitcom, and I plan to take a look myself. I won't mention where to find the episodes, but let's just hope they don't end up like One of the Boysi.

5) Tom Snyder: Tom Who?, a documentary about the late-night icon, is now in production. Let's just hope they include that priceless footage of Jerome Smith!

6) Rascals and Robbers: On this night 40 years ago, CBS aired a TV movie about Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn...with Anthony Michael Hall as Huck!

7) Freddy's Nightmares: Here's an interesting new streaming add, a combination of lesser-known show and lesser-known platform: Screambox now has the 1988-90 syndicated anthology.

8) Search: We celebrated the 50th anniversary of the TV movie that launched one of our favorite series this past week. Man, that's pretty wordy. Why can't I be as smooth as Hugh Lockwood?

9) International Polar Bear Day: What would YOU do for a Klondike? Would you wrestle a polar bear?

10) Anna Karen: R.I.P. to the On the Buses star.

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