Sunday, February 13, 2022

Top Ten #164

1) Valentine's Day shopping: Only one day left! As a reminder, all past episodes of Battle of the Network Shows are free. If you need a last-minute gift idea, just download an episode of your choice, thoughtfully selected for your loved one, and share the love!

2) The Berenstain Bears' Comic Valentine: It premiered on NBC this night 40 years ago. So, wait, what day did The Berenstein Bears' Comic Valentine premiere? I can't find it anywhere for some reason.

3) The Big Game: Looking at the halftime entertainment and the possible commercial options makes me think we really, really need this to be a good football game this year.

4) Gumby: The beloved and flexible icon was purchased by FOX, which intends to ruin--uh, revamp the character for a new generation. And by the way, that's Gumby--Not Gum. GUMBY.

5) National Cheddar Day: Might want to celebrate that with a big mess of cheese fries for the Super Bowl. Or cheese enchiladas. Or cheese wings. Or cheese pigs in a blanket. Yep, I'm already hungry.

6) Denzel Washington: Congratulations to the St. Elsewhere star on his latest Oscar nomination. Hey, I wrote Oscar and Super Bowl in successive entries. Living on the edge!

7) Judd Hirsch: He was on WTF with Marc Maron this week, but unfortunately didn't come off as irascible as I hoped. However, he did tell a funny story about saying he couldn't play "Alex Taylor" on Taxi and said in auditions they needed to come up with a different name for the character.

8) Logan's Run: The short-lived TV series is now on Tubi along with V: The Series.

9) One in a Million on Crackle: I had kind of a surreal experience watching the second episode. With several minutes remaining, it ended in the middle of a scene, with the Sony logo coming up and everything, and then the fourth episode loaded up on autoplay.  I have decided that somehow this is an indication that the sitcom was way ahead of its time and that Crackle's presentation of it is simulating the wild experiments the series executed when it originally aired--you know, abrupt endings, skipped episodes...

10) Merlin Olsen: This week I enjoyed a YouTube video of the 1988 AFC Championship pitting the Bengals against the Bills. At one point, Bills cornerback Derrick Burroughs gives a forearm shiver to Bengals WR Tim McGee, earning a penalty and ejection. The NBC broadcast focuses on this incident for several minutes, and during one replay Dick Enberg points out we don't know what happened right before that, and Merlin takes exception, saying there's no excuse for it. It sounds like he's admonishing Dick, and I love it.  Merlin wants us to be better!

Of course he DOES quickly add, "Unless he's slugging Cris Collinsworth. Then it's totally justified."

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