Sunday, March 10, 2024

Top Ten #292: Special "Casablanca is still my favorite" Edition

1) The Academy Awards: One of the biggest nights in television is when the people who make movies get together to brag about how much more important they are than those who make television!

2) Little House on the Prairie: COZI is celebrating the series' 50th anniversary all month. We celebrated the series' unending misery and misfortune in this episode.

3) Shogun: The acclaimed FX miniseries hasn't caught the whole nation's attention the way the original did, though it is off to a good start.

4) The Incredible Hulk: The pilot movie premiered in Fall 1977, but the first "regular" episode, boxing story "Final Round," was March 10, 1978 on CBS against two reruns: Rockford Files on NBC, the second half of The Boy in the Plastic Bubble on ABC.

5) Sharon Stone: Happy birthday to the actress perhaps best known for her appearance on Magnum P.I..

6) Conference championships: 40 years ago, sports on TV featured a host of NCAA hoops title games, including the final of the long-gone Metro Conference and an OT win for Georgetown over Syracuse in the Big East.

7) Mario Day: Nintendo would have us believe otherwise, but I think today is designed to celebrate Mario Cuomo, who dominated TV pundit shows every few years by thinking about running for president.

8) WNEP Scranton/Wilkes-Barre: 40 years ago, The New York Times ran an interesting piece about this station and how it was spending money on community service and a robust local news staff to get an edge on its competitors. 

Hey, it interested me! After all, this channel was my ABC affiliate when I was growing up. It was also my source of this (the host of which is featured in the article):

9) Daylight Savings: This is the bad one, the one where we lose an hour. That's one less episode of Little House to me and you. Do you think the Ingalls family ever messed around with the clock? It was more like Life Savings Time every episode on that show.

10) R.I.P. Steve Lawrence, Jean Allison: Allison was in an amazing array of 70s and 80s TV shows, including St. Elsewhere, Adam-12, Emergency!, Gunsmoke, Charlie's Angels, and many more.

Lawrence is known as a crooner, but he first stood out to me as the co-host of this:

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