Sunday, March 3, 2024

Top Ten #291: Special "in like a lion" Edition!

1) Sony's Classic TV Rewind YouTube channel: In what looks to be yet another dry month for catalog TV on streaming, it's time to appreciate this channel, which has stepped up its pace of uploading full episodes lately. Just this past week, it gave us "A Coffin for Starsky," famous Charlie's Angels installment "Angels in Chains," and several episodes of the rare Norman Lear Palmerstown, U.S.A. Hey, the guy in the thumbnail looks familiar:

Now, do I still wish Sony would make its library available on other outlets at a rate of more than one episode per series every week? Yes, I do, but this is sort of like a Sony TV channel, and it's free with uncut episodes.

2) Moonlighting: We didn't get a "Moonlighting Monday" check-in on our Facebook group page this week, but the Stuck in the 80s podcast interviewed Glenn Gordon Caron last week, and today is the anniversary of the series premiere on March 3, 1985.

3) Video Soul: A recent upload of a 1986 episode is a refreshing trip back in time. Host Donnie Simpson and Freddie Jackson have a casual but insightful chat throughout the program. At one point they discuss the differences between Black and White audiences in an intelligent way, not in a "Evening at the Improv" way. The music videos are typical of what BET was playing at the time and I would think are rarely seen anywhere today. Also, look at how relaxed the whole presentation is as it focuses on the personalities and not obnoxious graphics, ad billboards, and musical cues.

4) "Swan Song": Here is a cool milestone: 50 years ago tonight saw the debut of this episode of Columbo with special guest star Johnny Cash! Extended segment below:

5) The Young and the Restless: The looooong-running daytime soap was just renewed for another 3 years.

6) Leap Day: How did you all spend the "extra" day this year? Watching old TV? In other words, business as usual?

7) Barney Martin: The character actor who found fame as Jerry's dad on Seinfeld would have turned 100 today!

8) Superstars of Comedy Salute the Improv: Speaking of the Improv, this comedy special aired 40 years ago tonight on Showtime:

9) Danica McKellar and David Faustino: Happy birthday to two performers who played two iconic yet quite different TV teens.

10) R.I.P. Richard Lewis, Ole Anderson:

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