Sunday, March 17, 2024

Top Ten #293: Special St. Patrick's Day Edition!

1) St. Patrick's Day: Happy birthday to all the Patricks out there!

(Actually, Patrick Duffy does turn 75 today.)

2) Murder, She Wrote: The series had several episodes set in Ireland, but one of its best-titled is set here in the States: "Corned Beef and Carnage." I mean, anything I can tell you about the plot can only disappoint, right?

3) Magnum P.I.: The series gets the spotlight in a revamped episode of long-running podcast The Retroist this week, plus Friend of the Show Ian talks to Babs Greyhosky, writer of multiple episodes, on his Ian Talks Comedy podcast.

4) Oppenheimer: I'm surprised to hear everyone making so much fuss out of this 1980 BBC series lately. Was there an atomic incident or something?

5) Saturday Night Live: 40 years ago tonight, Billy Crystal hosted with Al Jarreau as the musical guest. I don't remember this particular episode, but I have a sinking feeling that at some point Billy tries to imitate Al.

6) Lesley-Anne Down: Happy 70th!

7) 6 RMS RIV U: This TV movie premiered 50 years ago tonight, based on a play by Bob Randall. Carol Burnett and Alan Alda meet when both respond to an ad for a river-view apartment.

8) NCAA Hoops: March Madness is among us. This year, BOTNS will continue its tradition of not hosting a pool.

9) American Parade: We the Women: This installment of CBS News' series of documentary specials celebrating the Bicentennial premiered 50 years ago tonight. Hosted by Mary Tyler Moore, it focused on the Suffragette movement in 1920.

10) Sledge Hammer: Catchy Comedy runs episodes of this and Police Squad all day today.

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