Thursday, October 20, 2016

Episode 5: Family Ties "Say Uncle"

Things get boozy this week as we discuss the classic Family Ties episode "Say Uncle" (Season 2, Episode 14) Alex (Michael J. Fox) and Keaton family can't wait for a visit from Uncle Ned (Tom Hanks) until they discover he's become an alcoholic. Rick and Mike reveal their lack of knowledge about AA and vanilla extract. Plus, we examine three of Bruce "Bruno" Willis' Seagram's Golden Wine Coolers commercials. So much star power, so much booze. Drinking game: drink a bottle of vanilla extract every time we mention vanilla extract. 

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  1. "I hit Alex!" I'm not sure if Rick had been practicing his Hanks impression, but it made me crack. I have been reliving that scene in my head all day.
    I really don't think Hanks has evolved much, this may have been as good as it ever got for him.
    Sha la la la

    1. I assure you my decision to attempt to imitate Hanks was as spontaneous as it was ill advised!
      Sha la la la (Eventually, this might be one of the code phrases BOTNS community members use to identify each other in public: "Sha la la la." "Sha la la la to you, good fellow."