Tuesday, November 15, 2016

In Search Of...Leonard Nimoy's most bad-ass look

Let's face it, while we all love unexplained phenomena, a big part of the appeal of In Search Of is not the exploration of ESP nor of UFOs, but rather the mere presence of Leonard Nimoy, who gave the show both credibility and, I dare say, coolness with just a few fleeting appearances per show. I went in search of...Nimoy's best on-screen look.

This is Nimoy at his most authoritative: Relatively conservative and clean. Does he sacrifice some machismo, though, with his bid for gravitas?

Still fairly tame, but that collar is opening up and increasing. Leonard is getting in touch with his inner 1970s icon.

Showing a little skin now, eh, Leonard? The swinger--uh, I mean the swagger--is surfacing.

Getting increasingly risqué as season 3 advances, but it was the end of the 1970s. It was all about FREEDOM from restrictions, and that includes top buttons.

Suddenly Nimoy takes a turn back to the straitlaced. Is this a deliberate response to the permissiveness of the times as personified by Studio 54? Or did he just really feel like wearing a nice jacket for the location shoot?

Nimoy brings out a new item from the wardrobe for Season 3's "Dreams and Nightmares": a zippered sweater/

The wardrobe may say, "professional" in Season 4's "Shroud of Turin," but the mustache says "BAD ASS."

What a look for this episode. It's like Nimoy thought, "OK, Glenn Miller isn't all that exciting, so I'll add another layer.  And trim my 'stache."

In Season 5's examination of "The Great Wall of China," Love the casual placing of the hands in the pockets to exude that effortless cool factor."Yeah, it's a wall, all right. You  might call  it very good--great, even. I've seen greater."

I think he saves the best for the series' final episode, "Life Before Birth." Classic suit complemented by the classic 'stache, and it's all made better by the American flag in the background. USA! USA! USA! What other country can bring the bad-assery like the USA? None, I tell you. Here we don't have "presenters." We have "hosts." If we're lucky enough, they are as awesome as the late, great Leonard Nimoy.


  1. I'm intrigued with hands in pockets Nimoy. First of all, he found a shirt designed just for that purpose. Why else would a shirt have pockets there? Plus the casualness of it all. Looks like his pants match. Is possibly some kind of Maoist China outfit?

    1. He doesn't want to hide that snazzy watch, though.