Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Coming to a TV near you

We are inundated with info about the new fall shows hitting the airwaves, but what about the new old shows? Various digital subchannels are updating their schedules for the season. With a tip of the hat to sources like Sitcoms Online, here is a look at what's coming up:

Charge! is now showing Chips. Get your daily dose of Robert Pine on this action-oriented diginet.

Antenna TV announces that ARCHIE'S BACK! on its website, with Archie Bunker's Place airing weeknights at 7:30. Did Archie ever go away?

(Update: It's been on since July along with What's Happening Now!!.  Other not-so-frequently aired reruns on here include Gimme a Break, The Hogan Family, Lotsa Luck, and The Hogan Family.

MeTV is adding Buck Rogers and In the Heat of the Night. Buck's return is welcome, but, man, it seems like In the Heat of the Night is overplayed by every channel that gets its hands on it.

Get TV is adding Married with Children to its weeknight lineup September 17. In addition to a lot of rare variety shows, Get is airing Good Times and The Equalizer, which we talked aobut on the pod recently, plus Designign Women, Tour of Duty, and The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams.

New diginet Start TV, which focuses on procedurals and dramas aimed at women, has launched with BOTNS-ers shows like Dr. Quinn and Early Edition.

I wasn't aware of this, but Decades is now running Mary Tyler Moore, Newhart, and The Bob Newhart Show each weekday. Unfortunately, Start is replacing Decades in many areas, so check your local listings. Let's hope that the full Bob Newhart  and Newhart come to Hulu as was announced months and months ago.

TV Land has...well, it apparently still has The Golden Girls and M*A*S*H. Moving right along!

Nick at Nite has.........Moving right along!

Things are pretty slow for BOTNS-era programming, which is why we should appreciate our DVDs and also why next week we will take a look at recent and upcoming releases.

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