Tuesday, September 18, 2018

New to streaming video

In recent posts, we looked at new 70s and 80s reruns on DVD and on digital subchannels. Today we want to point out some new additions to various streaming services.

The biggest surprise is NBC, which added The Equalizer, The Incredible Hulk, and The Six Million Dollar Man to its assortment of free shows on its app (conveniently available on Roku). I find the NBC app erratic and the commercial load oppressive, but it's free!

Amazon Prime Video quietly added the first two seasons of Growing Pains last week, adding to its growing roster of Warner Brothers TV shows from the BOTNS era. Could Night Court be on the way eventually?

Hulu has been busy adding reality shows from the likes of Discovery and TLC, but it also has the early seasons of Unsolved Mysteries, which is suddenly available all over the place.

The Roku Channel added Ray Bradbury Theater, an anthology which ran 1985-1986 on HBO and 1989-1992 on USA.

Pluto TV has added early episodes of Charlie's Angels and Crime Story to its on demand library.

TubiTV now has 3rd Rock from the Sun available for free streaming.

CBS All Access added 18 episodes of Murphy Brown from throughout its original run as a primer for the reboot.

Conspicuously absent from this post is Netflix, which is pretty much out of this game. That's a shame, but maybe new services will pick up the slack. For example, the new DC Universe launched last week with Wonder Woman, the 1988 syndicated Superboy series, and Super Friends. NBC's steady buildup of its assortment of catalogue programming could also bode well for the future.

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