Thursday, September 27, 2018

Great Moments in 70s and 80s TV History: Scatman and Lawanda team up

It doesn't get much more seventies than Lawanda Page joining Scatman Carothers at the podium at a roast of Angie Dickinson:

Ok, maybe it does if you throw in a Kojak reference.

Scatman is doing some not particularly Angie-focused material about garbage collection and how rough his old 'hood was when he makes a comment about it being in worse shape than LaWanda Page, which makes her say, "Hold on, turkey!"

To his credit, Scatman invites her to come on up and tell her side of the story:

She says, "The last time I saw a face like yours, honey, a jockey was feeding it sugar." He retorts, "They could push your face in batter and make gorilla cookies." YIKES!

They exchange a few more quips until Page gets the last words: 'So long, SUCKER!"

It's truly a great moment in 1970s TV history, but don't take our word for it. Check out Jummie Walker's reaction:

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