Friday, September 14, 2018

Upcoming DVD releases

It's been a while since we did one of these posts, and TV Shows on DVD is no longer with us as a standalone website, though the site's operator are posting updates on Facebook. Do you know how hard it is to find TV shows on DVD info without TV Shows on DVD? I spent a while sorting through other sites--"Hey, Hawaii Five-0--no, wait, that's the current version..." before finding Geeky Hobbies, which maintains a cool list. I recommend you give them some traffic...but come back here for the curated list!


Laugh-In season 6 (out now): This rounds out the series of individual season releases that followed the massive complete set. It doesn't sound like a BOTNS show at first glance--I think of it as a Swingin' Sixties deal--but this season was 1973, so I am declaring it eligible for the podcast!

And a certain BOTNS fave makes an appearance this season:

Magnum P.I. Complete Series (September 18): Same number of discs, same transfers (I assume)...yet more expensive than the 2013 version. In other words, this is not one of those Mill Creek budget repackaging releasings. I am not sure what the rationale for this is. Maybe it's one more attempt to extract some bucks before a Blu-Ray release.

Police Story Season 3 (September 25): It looks like this will be filled with cut-down syndication versions, but it's nice to see Shout! is continuing the series, albeit at a...methodical...pace. In this season: Kurt Russell, Sly Stallone, and some REAL TV stars like Danny Bonaduce and Cindy Williams.


The Night Stalker and The Night Strangler (October 2): Kino Lorber is releasing the two original Kolchak TV movies in fancy Blu-Ray packages, remastered and with extras. Could this pave the way for a Blu-Ray re-release of the entire series?

Love Boat: Season 4 (October 2): FINALLY the series continues! YASSSSS!

Unfortunately, it's in two split-season releases.


New Adventures of Gumby: The 1980s Volume 1 (October 2): These are pretty good under-the-radar releases, and it looks like the whole Gumby run will be out eventually. This Eighties version of the character  is not to be confused with this Eighties version of the character:

Hopefully more releases will be announced as we get closer to the holiday shopping season.

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