Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Great Moments in 70s and 80s TV History: Fonz Masters Bobbing for Apples

Season 2's Haunted is a fine example of early Happy Days in addition to being a fun Halloween episode. You get to see Arnold's all decked out, Richie in the classic skeleton garb...

Mr. C handing out candy to wise-acre neighborhood kids who (surprise, surprise) just happen to be played by Garry Marshall's kids...

But best of all is Fonzie's appearance at Ralph's annual Halloween party as The Lone Ranger with Tonto. When Ralph says, "Hey, kemosabe,"  Fonz snaps, "Hey, you watch your guttermouth, Malph!"

The gang convinces Fonz to bob for apples. After Potsie explains the rules, Fonzie just sticks his hand and grabs one. Let's take another look:

Potsie whines that he didn't follow the rules, and Richie suggests Fonz didn't do it the right way. The response: "I didn't want to get my mask wet." "Then it's a good way," Richie adds quickly.




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