Monday, October 22, 2018

YouTube Spotlight: He's Fired, She's Hired (1984)

Remember when the career gender-based role reversal gimmick was a big deal? I seem to remember the 1983 feature film Mr. Mom as the pioneer here. So naturally, CBS gets in on the action a year later with this bizarre-looking TV movie co-starring Wayne Rogers and Karen Valentine. You can see a vintage promo for this on this week's MASH-centric YouTube playlist, or you can check it out below:

Maybe "bizarre" is the wrong word--no, wait. after seeing Karen Valentine's hairstyle, I think it is. The movie looks comfortably mediocre but refreshingly retro. Imagine it being a thing with the hubby losing his job and coaching his wife into being the bread winner.

Unfortunately, this is the only trace of the movie I see on YouTube, though I do note the presence of a 10/10 review (!) on IMDB calling this "feature film quality." Judging by the promo, I think I lean to the other review: "  Of the bland comedies made on the subject matter during this period, "He's Fired, She's Hired" is probably blander than most and rather typical of the genre. "

However, why take the word of two IMDB reviewers when the contemporary review of The New York Times' John O'Connor is online?

My favorite lines from the review:

Alex Grier, played by Wayne Rogers with what appears to be a vocal impersonation of Peter Falk

That brings Annabelle into the world of Madison Avenue, which, in this version of agents and clients, is rather heavily weighted with homosexuals.

The head of the agency is Freddie Fox, portrayed with weary ferocity by Elizabeth Ashley. When not on her exercycle, Freddie is looking in a mirror and moaning, not without reason, ''I look like an old muppet.''

Not without reason!

Anyone else kind of want to see this?

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