Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Another look inside the Sanctum (pics from Dr. Strange)

If you don't have the DVD of Dr. Strange (1978) or even if you do but can't get enough of the good doc and the metaphysical Marvels of the TV movie we covered in our latest episode, here are some more glimpses of star Peter Hooten and the rest of the ensemble.

First, a reminder of what is at stake in this movie:

Dr. Strange at his day job:

Wong and Lidmer talking over something...profound, no doubt:

The saucy Morgan Le Fey:

Some trippy visuals, including Strange and Clea:

And how ABOUT that chemistry between Dr. Strange and the evil sorceress?

How about we just enjoy the various costumes for a few moments:

Finally, a look at the cool end credits:

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