Monday, November 12, 2018

YouTube Spotlight: Roy Clark meets The Odd Couple

In this week's YouTube spotlight, we highlight one of the best clips from our Hee Haw playlist: Roy Clark pickin' (but without a guitar pick) like a madman on the fifth season of The Odd Couple:

Even on Hee Haw, you should get an idea of Clark's skills, but if you have any doubt, just check out this clip. Roy's fingers even upstage his sideburns.

I must admit, though, I kind of do want to hear Mountain Dewwwwww again, as Oscar requests.

The Odd Couple was riddled with music replacements when it came out on DVD, but this scene (and in fact, the whole episode, I believe) is uncut, so grab that set if you want to see more.

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