Friday, November 16, 2018

Show Notes: Episode 5-5: Charlie's Angels

*This episode of Charlie's Angels, Lady Killer, premiered November 24, 1976 at 10:00 P.M. on ABC.

*The series lasted 5 seasons and 115 episodes, ending June 1981. Jaclyn Smith was the only angel who lasted all 5 seasons, and the "classic trio" only lasted the first season. In season 2, Cheryl Ladd replaced Farrah Fawcett, Shelley Hack replaced Kate Jackson in season 4, and Tanya Roberts replaced Hack in season 5. Fawcett had a recurring role in seasons 3 and 4.

David Doyle, whether he is an angel or not (we try to determine this on the pod), lasted all 5 seasons.

*Wikipedia reports that among the actresses considered to replace Jackson were Michelle Pfeiffer, Barbara Bach, and Connie Sellecca, and Shari Belafonte.

*The Quest, NBC's short-lived 1976 Western, featured Tim Matheson and...not Gary Collins, but Kurt Russell, Brian Keith, and Keenan Wynn! Hey, I was close.

*Hugh O'Brian passed away in 2016 but remains one of the beloved icons of the podcast. Please check out our episode on Search right here!

*The late Alan Fudge had a key role on The Man from Atlantis, which starred Patrick Duffy.

*Kelly quotes Gloria Steinem in this episode. Steinem herself went undercover at a Playboy Club location in the early 1960s and wrote the expose A Bunny's Tale.

*NBC exec Paul Klein coined the expression "jiggle television" in response to ABC's success with programs like Charlie's Angels. In other words, yes, he may well have been hatin'.

*Sue Milburn, the credited writer of this episode, has 9 total credits on IMDB, including episodes of Switch and The Bionic Woman.

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