Friday, December 21, 2018

Show Notes: Episode 5-10: The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries

*The Hardy Boys (with some format changes) ran on ABC 1977-1979, alternating with Nancy Drew until season 3.

*Meet Dracula, the second-season two-part premiere, aired September 11, 1977 and September 18, 1977 at 7:00 P.M.

*The special investigators known as our crack research team tracked down the book Mike's elementary school class read.

He still doesn't know how it ends, though.

*The Stratemeyer Syndicate was the company that controlled the rights to the young detectives. Previous efforts to put the boys on TV included several stints on The Mickey Mouse Club, a failed pilot in 1967 with Tim Matheson, and Filmation's Saturday morning cartoon on ABC 1969-1971. There was also a 1990s series from the same people who produced the Nancy Drew series around that time. Click here for more info.

*Nancy Drew has been less prolific on TV, but there was a failed pilot produced by Desilu in 1957. The CW is currently working on a version.

*Regarding the Hardy's ages: Wikipedia reports Frank is 18 and Joe 17, though previous incarnations of the characters in all media had them younger. The Hardys are clearly much younger in The Mickey Mouse Club serials.  Similarly, Nancy Drew was originally 16, then aged up to be 18 and post-high school.

At the time of the series' premiere in January 1977, Parker Stevenson (Frank) was 24, Shaun Cassidy (Joe) was 18, and Pamela Sue Martin (Nancy) was 24.

Cassidy is the son of Jack Cassidy and Shirley Jones and the half-brother of David Cassidy.

*Martin also left Dynasty early, abandoning her character of Fallon after 3 seasons. Emma Samms replaced her.

*We (and by we I mean me; I deserve the blame since I started the topic) totally ignored tons of other Draculas in pop culture, including the Hammer films and comic books like Tomb of Dracula. The rights to the Lugosi version are with Universal, but Bram Stoker's creation is in public domain...hence, for example, Bram Stoker's Dracula from Francis Ford Coppola. Love at First Bite is an American International production that features George Hamilton as Count Dracula.

*The Disney movie aired on September 11 against the premiere of this episode is the 1973 TV flick The Mystery of Dracula's Castle with Clu Gulager, Johnny Whitaker, and Mariette Hartley.

*Lorne Green plays Inspector Hans Stavlin in this episode.

*It's about 520 miles from Paris to Munich.

*Here is the lineup of songs performed by Paul Williams as Allistair Troy:
-The Hell of It from the 1974 cult movie Phantom of the Paradise
-You and Me Against the World
-The Family of Man

*The series' lone Emmy nomination was in 1977 for Enzo Martinelli, but not in the regular cinematography category. Instead, it was in the category of...AHEM...Special Classification of Outstanding Individual Achievement, where two different awards were bestowed for The Big Event's production of The First 50 Years, a celebration of NBC's history,

*Wikipedia says this about Interpol's ability to make arrests: Contrary to frequent portrayals in popular culture, Interpol is not a supranational law enforcement agency and has no agents who are allowed to make arrests

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