Friday, December 14, 2018

Show Notes: Episode 5-9: The Jeffersons

*The Jeffersons aired 1975-1985, 11 seasons, on CBS, mostly on Sunday nights.

*A Case of Black and White, season 3, episode 17, premiered January 31, 1977 at 8:00 P.M. opposite The Captain and Tenille (guest star: Tony Randall) (ABC) and Little House on the Prairie (guest star: Willie Aames) (NBC).

*The House That George Built, season 8, episode 8, premiered November 29, 1981 at 9:30 P.M. following Alice. On ABC that night: Sizzle, a TV movie with Loni Anderson and John Forsythe, while NBC aired a new TV version of Of Mice and Men starring Robert Blake and Randy Quaid.

*Murder She Wrote aired on CBS 1984-1996.

*Norman Lear and All in the Family had to wait for Sherman Helmsley because the actor was in Purlie on Broadway.

*Paul Benedict, who played the veddy English neighbor Bentley, was born in New Mexico and actually served in the Marines.

*The crack research team has been unable to find evidence of Ned Wertimer (Ralph the doorman) starring in a PSA about racial discrimination in housing. Please let us know if you can track down this ad!

*Zara Cully played Mother Jefferson on the show until her death at age 86 in 1978.

*Peter Lawford, British actor and personality, was of course related to the Kennedys by marriage and was one of the Rat Pack.

*Ja'net Dubois not only sings "Movin' on Up," but she gets a writing credit for it along with Hall of Fame songwriter Jeff Barry.

*Here's Bruce Fretts' Entertainment Weekly piece about the stage revival of the series.

*The short-lived medical comedy E/R (Elliot Gould and George Clooney, awesome theme song performance by Lou Rawls) was technically a Jeffersons spinoff because George and Louise's niece was one of the nurses.

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