Sunday, February 10, 2019

Battle of the Network Shows Top 10 #2

Thanks to all of you who put down some money at Ladbrokes speculating on who would make this week's top 10. Feel free to send us a tip with your winnings. Those Silver Spoons DVDs don't come for free, you know.

1) MASH: Dare I say that MASH is..."having a moment"? Alan Alda reunited surviving members for this week's episode of his Clear and Vivid podcast, and now is a good time to announce that the MASH episode of our podcast is running neck and neck with another one (see below) as the most downloaded of season 5. Just think if there were some channel somewhere that actually showed the reruns!

2) Alan Alda: Speaking of Alda, the former Hawkeye Pierce won a SAG Lifetime Acheivement Award, then won the hearts of millions with his moving acceptance speech. My only regret was that he didn't thank Tuttle.

In an interview with Inc., Alda said this about podcasts:  There's this huge audience for podcasts in the country, and a huge secondary would-be audience if they only knew how to get one.  Mr. Alda, we agree, and we extend a standing invitation to Battle of the Network Shows to get the word out.

3) Hee Haw: Is in the running with MASH as the most downloaded episode of our fifth season. I can't say why because I don't know, but somehow this fact is in the top five of things I am proudest about since we started the show.

4) The Bob Newhart Show: The whole run is finally on Hulu, only about 18 months after it was announced, but, hey, who's counting? This is definitely a series we'll get to someday.

5) Suzi Quatro: She is reportedly "hurt" about not being in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and I thought I was looking at a parody article when I first saw the headline. Hey, Suze, it's easy to get in there--it's open 7 days a week, and you can get ticket info here:

6) Conrad Bain: Because it was the late Diff'rent Strokes patriarch's birthday this week. You know, growing up and watching the show, I never wished Mr. Drummond were my father. Yet for some reason, I always wished he were my son. That's not weird, is it?

7) Julie Adams: Some of you may remember the actress, who died this week, as the female lead in Creature from the Black Lagoon, but in the BOTNS universe, she is forever the star of The Jimmy Stewart Show! Well, if you don't count Jimmy Stewart.

8) Michael Learned and Loretta Swit: Learned got past her crushing loss at the Battys and appeared on the TV Confidential radio show and podcast. Swit got past her crushing loss at the Battys and appeared on the TV Confidential rad--Wait. I'm being told Swit was not nominated for a Batty. Ouch. I guess not everyone at MASH is having a moment. However, she is raising a lot of money for animal-related charitable causes, which I guess is a little more important.

9) One Day at a Time: The third season premieres on Netflix this weekend, reminding people that the original CBS sitcom exists (maybe?).

10) Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd: The two generated buzz by posing together and looking fabulous in an Instagram post. They might have been higher, but Smith made a reference to time not having "past" instead of "passed" in the post. (Michael Learned and Loretta Swit got past things; time  just passed) Jaclyn just missed out on an Outstanding Hair Batty, but she need not worry about similar heartbreak if we ever institute an Outstanding Speller category.

Not ranked: Major Frank Burns, Shelley Hack, The Twilight Zone (1985-1989 version), Pinky Tuscadero

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