Sunday, February 24, 2019

BOTNS Top Ten #4

The Academy Awards season comes to an end this weekend, and it seems like one of the quietest, dullest ever. It's a good reminder that the real action is not in cinema but in television. No, we don't mean HBO and FX, but 1970s and 1980s TV.

1) Oscar Madison: Still the best Oscar in TV history.

2) David Horowitz: The consumer advocate was a small screen staple during our era with appearances on The Tonight Show and his own Fight Back! Dude could have saved a lot of time by just shaming evil corporations on Twitter.

3) The Golden Girls:  The series continues to be prominent in the culture, and this week we saw an announcement of a Golden Girls Cruise in 2020. This news proves that some things will always endure, like the desire of people to exploit fandom for money.

4) Paul Shaffer: The star of A Year at the Top and some other things will return to TV with a chat show on AXS. It sounds like he will be interviewing...many of the same people who always turn up on AXS.

5) Penny Marshall and Farrah Fawcett: Me-TV's website published a cool article about that time the two starred in a commercial together:

6) Alice: Warner Archive is completing the long-running (some might say too long, but we couldn't possibly comment) series on DVD with the ninth and final season next month.

7) Man from Atlantis: Warner Archive also announced it is releasing the series' pilot movie as a Blu-Ray. You know what that means, right? Yep--Alan Fudge in high-def!

8) Kelsey Grammer: His new legal drama premiered on Fox, and while his constant talk of a Frasier reboot makes us uneasy, we figure at least it keeps him from talking up a Cheers reboot.

9) Roger E. Mosely: Will guest-star on the CBS reboot, but not as T.C. because there is already a T.C. on this version. I guess this establishes that "our" version of the series occurred on Earth-2, and the current CBS telecast depicts events on Earth-1.

10) Jim Henson's Storyteller: Yet more reboot talk, this time centered around Neil Gaiman's plans to launch the beloved Jim Henson series which everyone seems to have loved but no one seems to have actually watched.

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