Sunday, July 21, 2019

BOTNS Top Ten #25

1) Moonlighting: We have received good feedback to this week's podcast, and while we appreciate the recognition of our awesomeness, we figure it's a response to the brilliance of the show. Again, we say, some streaming service oughta pick it up.

2) Allyce Beasley: I mispronounced her name during said podcast, and I apologize for the error. I should have just said "Agnes Dipesto." And i should have rhymed the whole episode.

3) Alan Thicke: Because I feel the need to link to this just one more time (for now):

4) J.J. Starbuck: Anyone remember this series?

5) Rebecca Schaeffer: This week marked the 30th anniversary of the My Sister Sam star's slaying by a deranged fan. Part of her legacy is the changing of anti-stalker laws.

6) Space: 1999: Now available in a new Blu-Ray set from Shout! Factory. Screen the show at midnight instead of Star Trek and irritate Rick (reference to previous podcast episode).

7) Don Knotts: Happy birthday to the late comic icon, whose proudest accomplishment remains his epic battle against Norman Fell in our Three's Company episode.

8) Robin Williams: Happy birthday to the late comic icon, and it's no disrespect to rank him below Don Knotts, but it does seem kind of cool to do so.

9) Eddie Murphy: Reportedly in talks to do standup comedy for Netflix for 70 million dollars! Just quit messing around and give us Norbit 2. Or better yet, would 70 million be enough to get Universal/NBC/Concast to license those Eddie years SNL episodes it's sitting on?

10) Ted Danson: One of our all-time favorites already has a series lined up after The Good Place.

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