Friday, July 19, 2019

Show Notes: Episode 6-7: Moonlighting

*My Fair David, the fifth episode of Moonlighting's second season, premiered October 29, 1985, on ABC, sandwiched between Who's the Boss/Growing Pains and Spenser for Hire. It aired against Riptide on NBC and an original TV movie called Into Thin Air on CBS.

*The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice is the famous black-and-white episode, it's highly recommended, and it aired two weeks before this one.

*For more talk of Bruce Willis at his Bruno-ist, check out this episode for our discussion of his Seagram's ads from the 1980s, and click HERE for Mike's exploration of his musical career.

*Willis was an arms dealer in an episode of Miami Vice (No Exit) before landing the role of David Addison.

*The Yellow Rose starring Cybill Shepherd and Sam Elliott aired on NBC in the 1983-84 season. The nighttime soap lasted only 22 episodes.

*The limbo originated in Trinidad but was originally tied in with the slave trade. Around the mid-twentieth century, it became the peppy signifier of fun we know today!

*Barbara Bain played agent Cinnamon Carter on Mission Impossible, co-starring with husband Martin Landau.

*The series' theme song, recorded by Al Jarreau and written by Jarreau and Lee Holdridge, reached #23 on the Billboard singles chart and #1 on the AC chart in 1987.

*Check out this fascinating Chicago Tribune piece from the time of the series finale. In it, the author points out the decline of the ratings, implying that the time slot shift to Sunday night was partly responsible, and also quotes TV critic Tom Shales blaming the consummation of the David-Maddie relationship for the decline of the show.  However, it also touches on on-set tensions, production delays, and all the things that added up to a rocky ride.

*Here's another article debunking the "Moonlighting Curse."

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