Sunday, April 9, 2023

Top Ten #244: Special Easter Sunday edition!

1) Easter Sunday: Happy Easter and greetings to all of you celebrating holidays this weekend!

2) Michael Learned: Happy birthday to the Waltons star. Wait, or is it the birthday of Michael Lerner?

NOTE: I wrote and published this post before learning about the death of Lerner this weekend. We mean no disrespect to the talented performer and leave up the link in the spirit in which it was intended, a fun tribute to the longtime character actor.

3) Warner Brothers: The fabled studio celebra5tes 100 years this month by...jettisoning the Discovery Networks stuff? Putting Adventures of Superman on HBO Max? Resurrecting Warner Archive Instant?

Well, probably none of that, but we can at least enjoy the old Warner logo:

4) Bob Hope: 73 years ago tonight, Hope made his first national television appearance on NBC's Star-Spangled Revue. Believe it or not, it was not sponsored by Texaco.

5) The Mike Douglas Show: Look at the guest lineup on an episode broadcast 50 years ago today: Paul Williams, Julie Newmar, Geoffrey Cambridge, Hollywood photographer Allan grant, and musician (and early Springsteen bandmate) George Theiss!

6) John Bartholomew Tucker: If you grew up in the BOTNS era, you heard Tucker's voice...A LOT. He was born 90 years ago today and left us in 2014.

7) Saturday Night Live: A new episode premiered 40 years ago tonight, hosted by Joan Rivers with performances by Musical youth.

8) Nike: The new movie Air tells the story of how a shoe company took over the market--no doubt with entirely ethical and above-board business practices in addition to Michael Jordan.

9) The Masters: A tradition unlike any other. I doubt they would want their prestigious event associated with something so base as a top ten list or a podcast, but here you go.

10) R.I.P.: Judy Farrell, Butch Miller:

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