Sunday, April 23, 2023

Top Ten #246: Special 'Keep America Beautiful--put on a shirt if you go out jogging" edition

1) Earth Day: I've been doing my part for years by buying as many DVDs as I can and keeping them out of landfills!

2) National Record Store Day: Speaking of physical media, I hope collectors had fun yesterday!Just so you know, I already have a nice copy of this one on my wall:

3) Cheers: The show hits Blu-Ray this week. if the idea of owning Cliff and Norm in HD isn't an endorsement for physical media, I don't know what is.

4) Lee Majors: Happy birthday to the Fall Guy!

5) Adventures of Don Quixote: 50 years ago tonight, CBS broadcast the BBC production starring Rex Harrison, and the grumpy Times critic said the biggest problem was...Rex Harrison.

6) Carol Burnett: This Wednesday the icon turns 90, and NBC celebrates with a prime-time special. I guess Lorne Michaels won't be involved.

7) Joyce DeWitt: Happy birthday, and thanks for representing fans of brunettes all those years on Three's Company.

8) Super Mario Brothers Super Show: This clearly paved the way for the massive success of the new movie:

9) The Buggles: Or is it Buggle now? Trevor Horn of "Video Killed the Radio Star" is touring as Seal's opening act.

10) R.I.P. Rita Lakin, Barry Humphries:


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