Sunday, April 30, 2023

Top Ten #247: Special "Hey, April only has 30 days?" Edition

1) Bugs Bunny: Today celebrates his first appearance back in 1938. Quick, let's have the party now before Zaz invites Chip and Joanna!

2) Happy Days' series finale: This article on Catchy Comedy's website (the channel has a marathon of the show this weekend) explains how after the emotional series finale, ABC burned off several more episodes. 

So you mean to tell me they didn't all just pack it in after the elephant dance?

3) Grandpa Al Lewis: The icon would have been 100 today, or at least we think so; he wasn't always the most reliable source for info on his own life. He was a reliable laugh getter, though!

4) NFL Draft: We just don't get great moments like this enough anymore (57 seconds in with Mel Kiper is my favorite):

5) The Love Boat Country Jamboree: 40 years ago tonight, the series had a two-hour special with Batty winner Jessica Walter along with Country stars like Tanya Tucker, Mel Tillis, Minnie Pearl...and Bert Convy!

6) National Raisin Day: Remember when the country was captivated by these guys? 

Remember a month later when we were burned out on them?

7) National Poetry Month: Last chance to commemorate something like this:

8) Burt Young: Happy 83rd birthday to the star of movies and TV shows like 1987's Roomies. He was best known for--Whoa, whoa, whoa. When he played Paulie in Rocky, he was only 36?

9) WWWF Championship Wrestling: WWE Network added 10 episodes from 1980 but skipped over Sgt. Slaughter's Federation debut. Those maggots should drop and give me 20!

10) R.I.P. Harry Belafonte:

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