Sunday, April 16, 2023

Top Ten #245: Special "National Eggs Benedict Day" Edition!

1) The Midnight Special: Bert Sugarman is loading a lot of clips and some full episodes to an official YouTube channel, as explained in this article. You can see all kinds of stuff on this channel!

2) James Paul McCartney: Speaking of music and TV, today is the 50th anniversary of the UNSA broadcast premiere of this ABC special. (Note: The whole special isn't hard to find, but I am not jinxing it by posting it here!)

3) Martin Lawrence: Happy birthday to the star of What's Happening Now!!

4) Electra Woman and Dynagirl: Shout-out to the excellent Brick Mantooth for posting a cool look at the merchandise and toys associated with the Krofft series:

5) National Orchid Day: You know who loved orchids? That's right, Nero Wolfe! I think he used them as garnishes for giant steak sandwiches.

6) Bugs Bunny All-American Hero: CBS reran this special 40 years ago tonight. The show debuted in 1981, and then CBS was not shy about running it again in the decade! Anyone else miss primetime network cartoon specials like this?

7) National Healthcare Decisions Day: Every major health decision should be accompanied by the surprisingly rocking theme to Medical Center:

8) Saturday Night Live: 40 years ago, Susan Saint James hosted with musical guest Michael McDonald, and her hairstyle lets you know, yep, it's 1983:

9) Taxes: I am sorry to bring the unpleasant reminder that here in the States you gotta pay THE MAN by Tuesday.

10) R.I.P. Michael Lerner, Harry Lorayne, Elizabeth Hubbard:

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