Sunday, May 7, 2023

Top Ten #248: Special "May the 7th be with you" Edition

1) The WGA Strike: I don't want to make light of a serious situation, but I can't be the only one who thinks this might be an opportunity to catch up on the newer shows.

2) Dynasty: Prime Video added the show to its lineup this week.

3) Taxi: I am not sure how these decisions get made, but this show was put on Amazon's FreeVee service. I guess it makes sense: The wealthy people go to the service that costs 100-some bucks a year, the blue-collar cabbies show up on the free one!

4) Free Comic Book Day: I picked up some cool TV-related comics yesterday in the sale bins. I would love to see some nice paperback collections of stuff like this:

5) Long live the King: No, not Charles--King Harley Race!

6) Tony Award nominations: Congratulations to Best Musical nominee Shucked, which we hope--Wait, this isn't the life story of John Schuck?

7) Fantasy Island: 40 years ago tonight, Fantasy Island succumbed to the temptation to deliver a clip show in "Remember When?" as Roarke recounted past fantasies to help a despondent Tattoo recover after a car accident. Not only that, Roarke postponed all fantasies!

8) National Tourism Day: I remember seeing these Jamaica ads about 10 times if I had ESPN on all afternoon:

9) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Congratulations to Willie Nelson and his fellow honorees.

10) The Met Gala: This is the only Met gala I want to see:

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