Sunday, May 28, 2023

Top Ten #251: Happy Memorial Day!

1) Night Court: We had a lot to say about the 1980s sitcom this week on our Season 11 premiere!

2) Memorial Day: We thank and honor everyone who died serving in the United States military. Since this holiday belongs to Gary Sinise and Joe Mantegna now (And their work is commendable), here is a look at Mantegna in The Money Pit:

3) Gimme a Break and Kate and Allie: VEI Entertainment re-releases both series on DVD this week.

4) Celebration America: Get this: 40 years ago, NBC aired portions of a Democratic Party fundraising telethon in prime time. The event was hosted by Daniel J. Travanti and Leslie Uggams, and Tom Shales--not for political reasons; he trashes James Watt and The 700 Club in the same piece--panned it

5) Sirota's Court: We mentioned this big What We'd Like to See on the podcast this week. The 1976 NBC courtcom predated Night Court by nearly a decade.

6) National Hamburger Day: Celebrate!

7) The Brady Bunch house: It's on the market again! Listing price is $5.5 million. Just think how much it would be if that lovely vase conveyed!

8) The Wheelers: They didn't make Friday's power rankings, but they are still in our hearts:

9) One Night Band: Also airing 40 years ago tonight, this unsold pilot from MTM Enterprises starred Stepfanie Kramer as the singer of a country band. Lee Goldberg's Unsold Television Pilots says the premise had the band staying one step ahead of their evil manager, who is hunting them down for welshing on the bad contract he conned them into signing. Also in the cast are Brad Maule and, according to Goldberg's book, a young Dennis Haskins!

10) R.I.P. Tina Turner, Ed Ames, Marlene Clark:

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