Sunday, May 14, 2023

Top Ten #249: Special Mother's Day Edition

1) Mother's Day: Baseball Hall of Famer and longtime Mets broadcaster Ralph Kiner said it best: "It's Mother's Day, so to all you mothers out there, happy birthday!"

(The guy was an outstanding player and I loved him as an announcer. See the tribute clip below.)

2) Hal Gurnee's Network Time Killers: Isn't that what most of primetime broadcast TV these days? Anyways, the Letterman YT channel posted the first official installment of this recurring feature that the show debuted during a previous WGA strike.

3) Christina Applegate and Michael J. Fox: Shouts to two stars battling long-term health issues. Applegate may retire from on-screen acting while battling MS, and Fox is the subject of Still, a new documentary that looks at his ongoing fight against Parkinson's. I look forward to the emotional segment examining the time his alcoholic Syntram Corporation exec uncle slapped him.

4) MTV News: Paramount restructuring means it's all over for the division, which may have made more memorable moments in the Nineties but which started in 1987.

5) One Day at a Time: Antenna celebrates the holiday with a big ol' marathon of the sitcom, which did indeed have a mother, and I don't mean Schneider.

6) Michael Douglas: The actor will be guest of honor at next week's Cannes Film Festival and will receive the prestigious Palme d'Honneur, which translates loosely to "the younger guy on Streets of San Francicsco."

7) Academy of Country Music Awards: The ceremony was streamed live on Prime Video last week. I bet back in the day Merle Haggard didn't stream no Country Music Awards. I mean, his Internet connection was horrible in the Seventies and Eighties.

8) Peabodys and Pulitzers: Winners were announced this week, and, no Battle of the Network Shows did not win either. Rest assured, we remain your favorite award-giving vintage TV podcast.

9) Tom Hanks: His debut novel was published this week. It's a thinly disguised roman a clef about an alcoholic Syntram Corporation exec who slaps his nephew.

10) R.I.P. Too long a list this week, as we say good-bye to Jacklyn Zeman, John Roland, Billy Saluga, and Newton Minow.

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