Sunday, May 21, 2023

Top Ten #250: Special "250" Edition!

1) Season 11: More BOTNS is coming! We posted a teaser this week, and in case you missed it:

2) Brooke Shields: I watched the recent Hulu documentary Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields, and I thought it was very well done, but to be honest, I was kinda holding my breath seeing if something bad would come out about Bob Hope (it didn't).

3) Kurt Loder: On this week's Rolling Stone podcast, Loder had a great attitude about his whole time at MTV but explained why he left: "I don't like seeing old people on television." He said he was getting too old for the gig!

4) National Waitstaff Day: Please remember to tip them!

5) Raymond Burr: It's the late Perry Mason star's birthday, is it not?

6) TV Pilots: 50 years ago tonight, ABC threw together three TV pilots and called it..."TV Pilots": The barbara Eden Show, Catch-22, and The Karen Valentine Show.

7) Newhart series finale: 33 years ago tonight, the famous finale concluded with a shocker as Dick Loudon woke up and saw Bobby Ewing coming out of the shower.

8) Tuscan Frozen Pops: I wish I could embed this in the post, but the uploader has not enabled that option, so if you want to see Buddy Hackett pretend to be 4 years old, go here and start at 16:48,

Or you could not click it and not be horrified like I was. Your choice!

9) Disney's Greatest Villains: 40 years ago tonight, the Walt Disney program aired this tribute to the baddest of the bad. I still find that time Disney was on CBS each week an odd period between the NBC and ABC eras.

By the way, this oft-repeated special does not include Bob Chapek in its rankings.

10) R.I.P. Superstar Billy Graham: The former WWWF (not a typo) Heavyweight Champion died this week at 79.

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