Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Power Rankings: People who were on 227

This week we are not ranking people who were on 227 as in the main cast members. No, the title of this list should really be, "People who were on 227?" The weirdest, the wildest, the ones we forgot were on there. Some guests are not surprising. Like, is it really a shocker that Ron Glass was on the series? I think not. Here we go! Remember, the rankings are based on who would win if they squared off on a neutral field in Capitol Hill.

1) Pee Wee Herman: This appearance in Season 2's "Toyland" solidifies the show's Eighties cred...and not just because Terry Kiser is in it!

2) Countess Vaughn: I think Mike and I both forget that the Alexandria character even existed, which is why she makes the list despite being a regular for pretty much the entire fourth season.

3) Red Buttons: Earns a spot for his appearance in the strange backdoor pilot episode "the Audit," which was designed to incorporate topical references into each episode--kind of like when Roc would hold up a newspaper to remind everyone it was being done live. "Joey, you know full well that today's horoscope says Libras should expect a sudden windfall!

4) Paul Winfield: Joined the show at the end of its run as the landlord in the fifth season and didn't really fit. Maybe it was because he played a deacon in the series' third season!

5) Lou Albano: We mention this on the podcast. Check him out in "We the People," in which the show takes a stand against homelessness!

6) Barry Sobel, Stoney Jackson: Pretty much all of the new additions in the last season. failed to make a positive impact.

7) Marvelous Marvin Hagler: Of all the sports stars to show up on a random sitcom...Hagler is effective in Season 4's "Hide the Star," playing himself.

8) Lyle Talbot: Man, the dude was in everything. He co-starred with the likes of Barbara Stanwyck in the Thirties, was a regular on Ozzie and Harriet in the Fifties, showed up a few times on Green Acres, and guested in one episode of 227 in his mid-80s.

9) Angela Bassett: A classic, "Hey, she was in that?" appearance is her showing up as an abandoned baby's mother in Season 5's "A Pampered Tale."

10) Kia Goodwin: I include her because she was a key part of the show in its first two seasons as Rose's daughter and Brenda's best friend but was written off the show and not mentioned as far as I can tell.

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