Sunday, September 3, 2023

Top Ten #264: Special Pre-Labor Day Edition

1) Knight Rider: This week on the podcast, we revisited our look at the popular Eighties show. We hope you enjoy taking another look at the show, but we will return soon with brand-new episodes as we continue our Season 11!

2) Labor Day: Tomorrow is a Federal holiday here in the USA, and we at BOTNS congratulate everyone who has gone into labor.

3) Summer: Emotional Summer comes to an end this weekend, and while Fall has its merits, we still recognize The King of Seasons and will appreciate it for another meteorological weeks. How can you not love a season that gives us stuff like this:

4) Casablanca: You'd think I would have no desire to see my all-time favorite movie turned into an NBC limited series in 1983 with David Soul in the Bogart role. Well, I am willing to give it a shot, but I missed out on the Olive Films DVD set years ago and have never seen it. 

50 years ago tonight, the poorly received miniseries aired the fifth and final episode at 10:00 and finished next to last in the ratings. The series had launched in April but was pulled after 3 weeks, and the last two installments were burned off at the end of the summer.

5) Three's Company: Another timeless tale of romance, intrigue, and bittersweet reflections on the human condition, Three's Company, gets a marathon on Antenna TV this weekend/

6) Valerie Perrine: Not known as a TV actress, but the birthday gal (80 years old today) had a notable appearance on PBS' Steambath in 1973, starring in what is credited as the first topless scene in American television. 

No, we're not embedding it here.

7) College football: Now that the real season of realignment and conference movement machinations is over, we head into the offseason, where people just play football games.

8) The Equalizer: Just in time for the third Denzel Washington movie, NBCUniversalComcast put the 1980s Edward Woodward show on its--Wait, sorry, apparently it didn't. In fact, despite hosting the entire original program on several years ago, the company hasn't seen fit to put it on Peacock or anywhere else. I guess you can go to Roku or Xumo and wait around to see if it shows up on its FAST channel Universal Crime someday.

9) AMC on MAX: MAX has a section devoted to showcasing various AMC programs this month. I am waiting to see Bob Dorian intros, Remember Wenn, and The Movie Masters.

10) Bob Newhart: Yesterday was Stammerday, and now on Sunday, Catchy Comedy's Bob-a-thon continues with episodes of Bob and Newhart all day long.

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